Remember when Beyoncé broke the internet with her now infamous maternity photos for the twins? See HERE for your reference.

22-year-old model, Saunsu, is causing a social media frenzy of her own after sharing her pregnancy photoshoot with photographer Darrin Baldridge.

The Pittsburg, California, mother-to-be told BET exclusively that her goal is more than just sharing pretty pictures. She wants to inspire women and young girls who have low self-esteem, and “show them all is possible.”

Saunsu is very transparent about some of the negativity she experienced when she first announced her pregnancy.

“When I first found out I was pregnant, the first thing everyone said was, ‘She’s going to lose her career, she’s dumb for keeping [the] baby.’ My faith was tested. I was in a very negative space but after praying and family support, I realized that my baby is a blessing. And yes, I can still model and pursue my dreams and be an example with a baby.”

Saunsu is pleased with the overwhelming responses and positive feedback to these photos. Not only are we loving this pictures, be we are loving the message of uplifting women to follow their dreams regardless of their circumstances.

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