Eyeshadow application isn’t hard. It just isn’t. The problem is that far too many of us are barbarded with images of these Instagram gurus who create these stunning looks. They are talented, there is no denying it, but the reality is many of these girls spend hours upon hours perfecting their craft. Many of them also get paid to do it. In the real world, you can create beautiful looks that don’t require 15 eyeshadows and a million different brushes.

The reality is that we can appreciate all the fleekiness we see on youtube and IG, but we shouldI can also appreciate basic makeup. The makeup you wear to work or school. The makeup that doesn’t require 15 shadows from 15 different palettes. So for my fellow basic makeup lovers, this one is for you

Lisa Jean-Francois
Lisa Jean-Francois, MFA, is a Wife, Mother, Writer, Brand Coach and Beauty and Style Blogger at Lisa a la Mode. Lisa has been a blogging and making youtube Beauty and Style Videos for over three years, and recently became a Content Editor and Writer at BlackGirlLongHair.com. In June of 2015 Lisa launched her own Brand Coaching Business wherein she works exclusively with female entrepreneurs, helping them to launch successful online businesses and blogs.