I am officially on team crochet braids, okay? Where, oh, where have I been? Although I did install faux locs a few months ago (check out the post and video tutorial by clicking HERE), my latest crochet installation has completely convinced me to continue to do these protective styles.

These crochet twists are perfection. They are so light, I literally couldn’t feel them on my head. To complete this look I used FOUR packs of the Sensual Collection Jamaican Loop Twists.


1You must first begin by braiding your hair into a pattern like so.

2Next, using a crochet latch/hook you slide the latch through the braid, hook on the hair, close the latch, and then pull the hair through.

3To secure the hair in place you’ll simply knot it before moving onto to the next twist. In the end, your hair should look something like this:

4This style lasted about 2 weeks, before I then cut the ends of the hair and unravelled the hair to create this style:

That’s it folks! Be sure to watch and learn how to install crochet twists here:

crochet-twists-tutorialFinal Thoughts/Tips
  1. Always remember to close the latch before attempting to slide the hair through. If latch is open the hook will snag on your braid.
  2. Always buy one extra pack of hair so you can have extra for twists that become frizzy/or tangled during installation and after
  3. Wear a satin bonnet to prevent frizz
  4. When the hair begins to fray, simply cut of the ends and create a new untwisted style.
  5. This hairstyle can last about 3 weeks.

What’s your favorite protective style? Let me know below!

Lisa Jean-Francois
Lisa Jean-Francois, MFA, is a Wife, Mother, Writer, Brand Coach and Beauty and Style Blogger at Lisa a la Mode. Lisa has been a blogging and making youtube Beauty and Style Videos for over three years, and recently became a Content Editor and Writer at BlackGirlLongHair.com. In June of 2015 Lisa launched her own Brand Coaching Business wherein she works exclusively with female entrepreneurs, helping them to launch successful online businesses and blogs.